The Process

Come for a visit! I offer a free consultation at my studio. This is a chance to meet me, and even tour my home/studio to see my approach to interior design, lighting and color. You are welcome to bring pictures and questions concerning your project, as well. 

We understand that it can be difficult to invite someone into your home and access your design needs, so it is our goal to make you as comfortable as possible with the process.

For the next step, I offer an Initial Consultation Package in your own home or place of business. This consultation package is offered at a discounted hourly rate. As part of this package I ask that you fill out our Client Survey, so that I can come to your consultation prepared to address your design needs and offer solutions right there on the spot. 

At the end of your in-home Initial Consultation meeting, we can discuss how the remainder of the time in the initial consultation package would best be used. For instance, perhaps you need a floor plan with recommendations on furniture sizes and styles. Or, maybe you need a basic plan for a revised kitchen or bath layout? Together we can develop design solutions for the areas we have reviewed. It’s very flexible and I tailor how the remaining time can best fit your needs.

If you choose to use our services further, you can purchase a pre-paid block of time and use my services, hourly as needed. Or, I can present a proposal based on specific areas and goals. Our design services can range from complete project management, floor plans and lighting solutions to product selection including all materials and finishes to furniture and window treatments. By purchasing blocks of time, clients benefit from discounted hourly rates and our designer discounts on products, as well.