Bailiwick Interior Design



I've never worked with a designer before, how does it work?

At Bailiwick Design we understand the apprehension involved in hiring a design professional. We put you at ease immediately. We offer a flexible arrangement, with services charged on an hourly rate basis. In this way you pay only for the services you need. Combined with our hourly rate, you can benefit from our designer discounts on items purchased through Bailiwick Design. So, you can take our design plans and purchase through us, or shop on your own with our recommendations. 

Where do I start?

An in-home consultation is a low-cost way to get your project off and running. Whether it’s a color scheme you’re looking for or a functional floor plan we can give you expert advice and the tools to start creating your space. If you are building a home it’s never too early to contact Bailiwick Design! Take the time to think about lighting and furniture layout while you still have the time to make changes. We can make certain that the space you are creating will suit your needs in the future!

Isn't it expensive to hire an interior designer?

At Bailiwick Design we offer the best of both worlds. You have the flexibility of using our services for only the portion of the project you desire. While we can certainly design and execute all aspects of your renovation projects, you can also use our services on an as-needed basis, helping you through the all-important planning stage and empowering you with the knowledge to move forward on your own. While working with Bailiwick Design we also offer our clients access to our designer discounts. So our clients have the opportunity and knowledge to make good decisions that can save you both time and money!

Why should I hire an ASID professional interior designer?

Hiring a professional can ensure all aspects of an interior design have been considered in the planning stage, not to mention the peace of mind it brings. An ASID designer can work with an architect and/or contractor to remodel existing spaces. They specialize in maximizing limited space, budget, and client needs. Professional interior designers keep abreast of regulations on sustainable “Green” design, universal design, building and fire codes, accessible design and historic preservation. The American Society of Interior Designers, ASID recognizes the benefits of education and training. Look for the ASID accreditation to make sure you hire a professional! The ASID acronym after an individual’s name signifies they have passed the NCIDQ certification exam.