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It's Time To Tweak Part 2

TWEAKING – it is not as painful as you think!

Today I met with four clients, all in different phases of TWEAKING. The first is a commercial office space that I recently helped redesign through a refresh;

  • Don’t forget the details! Artwork, accessories and window treatments can often be where people make the biggest mistakes. You need to take the time to pay attention to the details – honestly, it breaks my heart when clients don’t see the process through the TWEAKING PHASE. It’s like getting dressed and forgetting to put on your shoes!

The next meeting was with a couple I was just consulting on their kitchen renovation;

  • Most often a renovation of any type will have a domino effect that can make a project seem endless – but don’t despair! A little planning ahead can go a long way. This couple was going to just repaint the walls the same color as before because it affected other areas of their open floor plan. Instead, I showed them how to TWEAK the wall color to a more updated palette – not a major difference – but it would not pigeonhole them into exactly what they had prior to the renovation. You can make changes that will gently roll through your home giving you the opportunity to update in phases as your time, energy and budget allow.

Then a new client asked me to consult on her ”new” home. They had moved all their décor from their previous home into their new house and she felt her master bedroom just didn’t feel finished;

  • Just because it worked in the last house, doesn’t mean it works in the new one. AND sadly things do become outdated – even if you love them. By TWEAKING some of the décors we can make the room feel fresh while still embracing her existing window treatments and furniture. I asked her to consider removing part of the old window treatments (either the valance OR the side panels) so the treatment would not feel so heavy. We also agreed to focus on TWEAKING her bedding, artwork and bedside table lamps - I know that these small changes will help her feel more settled into the space.

My final meeting of the day involved a client who had repainted and added some wallpaper to a powder room. (Yes, wallpaper is back!)

  • The existing teal wall tile in their powder room took up most of the wall area, so we were able to use a bold, intricate pattern with a little whimsy on the small upper wall area. The wife loved it – the husband was a little overwhelmed. I explained the next step was to add a simple valance using a solid fabric OR a smaller scaled pattern would help reign in the bold wallpaper pattern. Often people forget it’s about the big picture and a combination of ALL the elements that result in the perfect space.

TWEAKING is necessary and sometimes that’s where clients need me the most. TWEAKING can make the difference between good design and great design – it really is in the details!

Carrie OesmannComment