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Easy Care Tips For Stainless Steel Appliances

So, you spent the money and upgraded to stainless steel appliances in your kitchen. Keeping those appliances sleek and shiny takes work. I have come up with some easy tips on keeping those appliances like new.

  • Wipe ‘em - Wiping down your appliances daily will save you a lot of work in the long run. Cleaning up your kitchen after breakfast or dinner, make this part of your clean-up rituals. Dirt and your fingerprints, that carry oil, can create long-term damage if not cleaned up and wiped away on a regular basis.

  • Use the right cleaners. Stay away from anything with bleach. This will leave an unsightly residue on your stainless steel. Some people like Windex specifically, but don’t shy away from products that are specifically made for your shiny appliances. A water and vinegar solution is also a good solution to get off any tough grime.

  • Use the right cloth. Microfiber cloths work great, but my favorite are my “go-to” NORWEX cloths for both cleaning and shining as you ONLY need water – no cleaning products! The Norwex Window Cloth is great for keeping your stainless steel appliances shining on a daily basis.(Just remember you must wash them with only Norwex detergent.)

  • Go with the grain. I know I know, grain? It’s not wood. Believe it or not, stainless steel has a grain. It will either be vertical or horizontal. You will want to wipe with the grain, not against it.

  • Pro Tip: Oil! Vegetable or olive oil can take away fingerprints and watermarks to make it look shiny and new. Take a dry cloth and put a very small amount of oil on it and begin to buff and rub away all those nasty marks and fingerprints. I like to buff it out then with a quality, soft paper towel or clean cloth.

  • BLACK Stainless Steel is a trendy alternative - BUT the jury is still out. It’s the same composition as regular Stainless Steel underneath, with a coating applied on top. So while it may resist fingerprints, scratching can be more of a problem!

You’ve invested in these beautiful appliances so make sure to take care so they will bring you that shiny new excitement for years to come.

Carrie OesmannComment