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Tips to Make Your Outdoor Space Party Ready

Tips to Make Your Outdoor Space Party Ready

6 Simple Things

Having a party that will include your outdoor space? We’ll be celebrating my husband’s birthday bash this summer and I am already planning ways to refresh my own patio. These things should not be an afterthought when getting things ready for your guests. (AND easier done in advance, of course!) You don’t have to go to great lengths to make your outdoor space look over the top or expensive, below I’ve shared a few tips and tricks that will wow your party goers and keep them talking about your home.

  1. PLANTERS and POTS – Splashes of color and fresh greenery are easy – most home improvement centers have pre-arranged planter combinations that are worth the splurge on your deck or porch. Even if you usually mow your own lawn, perhaps treating yourself to a lawn service a few days before the event, takes the pressure off you-you have enough to do!

  2. MAKE AN ENTRANCE - Think about the entrance not only to the front of your home but the entrance where your guests will mostly be coming in and out of - those doors should be styled just as you would your front door. Bright and bold doormats on top of a freshly swept porch are a must for backdoors, too!

  3. ABUNDANT SEATING - Even if you are mixing in some temporary pieces it’s possible to give them a coordinated look with a few accent pillows. Sometimes more important than seating is a spot where people can put down their food plates and drinks. Shade is so important when it’s hot and sunny! No room for a standing umbrella? Try a wall-mount – it worked great for our smaller patio spot!

  4. OUTDOOR RUGS - A great way to anchor seating and also give a feeling of home while outdoors. When ordering online (Wayfair has a ton of options) be sure to check the thickness of the rug – the heavier ones not only are more durable but stay in place better. Remember the bigger the better, too!

  5. JUST ADD WATER – For some reason we are all drawn to water, the sound of water and flowing water is good CHI (Energy). Even just the sound of a simple wall mounted fountain just makes people feel cooler! (You’ll need electricity for these – so plan and place accordingly).

  6. LET THERE BE LIGHT - Who doesn’t love the twinkle of outdoor string lighting? Not only is it practical as it gets dark but it really gives an overall bohemian vibe to any outdoor space. The larger exterior clear glass version looks great with brick patios! I am still a believer in the good old Citronella candles for protection against mosquitoes - plus they add sparkle to the night, too!

Now that you’ve got the design elements in place -time to think about the menu and the wine selection! Take this time to enjoy the wonderful weather and more importantly family and friends.


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