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Simple Tips on Keeping your Upholstered Furniture Clean​​​​​​​

You’ve made the investment in your beautiful furniture so you want to make sure it lasts through time. There are some easy things you can do to keep your upholstered furniture clean and looking new. We’ve put together a simple guide for you to implement into your weekly, monthly and seasonal cleaning rituals.

  1. Regularly vacuuming is first and foremost - and give your all! Take the cushions off and vacuum all sides. Don’t forget all those cracks and crevices and between the cushions. If you have a microfiber piece give it a brushing before you vacuum. This will loosen any dirt that may be there.

  2. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines! Your individual upholstery fabric dictates the cleaning method, so check the tag and read how the manufacturer asks you to tend to your furniture. If your furniture needs a solvent-based cleaner, you’ll want to purchase and utilize that; if your furniture calls for water-based cleaner, you can easily make that at home. Below are some common things you may see on your tags:

    1. W - Use water-based detergent.

    2. S - Clean with a water-free product, like dry cleaning solvent.

    3. WS - Either a water-based cleaner or a water-free cleaner is appropriate.

    4. X - Professionally cleaning only, though feel free to vacuum it.

  3. Create your own cleaner.  If your fabric type calls for a water-based cleaner and you can use a dishwashing liquid like Dawn. Fill a spray bottle with water, then add a couple drops of dish detergent. For odors, you can add a pinch of baking soda or a little vinegar. Make sure you to test your mixture on a spot that is not seen, underside or bottom etc. This way you can make sure it won’t damage or discolor your furniture. If you are unsure, have a professional clean your furniture.

  4. Use a damp sponge when dealing with stains. You can use the same cleaner you created, taking more time on the stained area with a sponge and then patting the stained area dry. You can let the detergent sit on the stain to soak in before sponging.

  5. Clean up spills and stains immediately. Instead of dealing with the stain a week or two later, you will get better results if you tend to any dirt or spills immediately. Have those quick and easy products and tools on hand for when mishaps happen.

  6. Norwex cloths and cleaning products are what we use in my own home - they’re awesome!