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Finding the Perfect Match in Your Wall Decor

What we put on our walls feels almost as permanent as marriage AND almost as difficult to find as that perfect mate! Judging by what I see with most new clients’ homes, this is an area where MANY people decide it’s easier to just leave wall surfaces bare rather than make this commitment!

Here are a few suggestions that may help you overcome your fear!

  1. Although it’s nice to have some colors in the painting coordinate with your room colors –art is not really about “matching” your interiors - it’s about expressing yourself. Instead let the matting and frame tie a piece of art into your décor, and allow the art itself to stand on its own. A good mat and frame can make a subtle piece of art deliver a loud and clear message about who you are!
  2. It’s easy to overdo the family photos! Yes, I love great family pics, put too many and they all become a big blur! Keep them minimal, candids are best and consider changing family photos into B&W or duotone. This is the best way to bring the personality out of the people in the pictures! It also makes the photos timeless, as they are no longer tied to the color palette of the time period.
  3. Not all art has to be a solid image – think about the weight of your art. Open grillwork is a perfect example of wall art that is just another window to your space.
  4. Think about original art, too! Whether you look into local galleries OR shop online, original art really doesn’t have to break the bank – and can be an investment, too.
  5. Get the pieces you love professionally framed – it may be a pricey, but worth the investment. If you want to protect your artwork from harmful UV light and the elements invest in a good quality framer.
  6. Look for a professional to layout AND hang your wall décor. I often suggest to clients, (especially after a large paint project) NOT to hang everything back where it used to hang. Consider letting a professional, like myself, come in and suggest new placements and new configurations. I think my professional art installer and I have saved many a marriage by taking this task off the happy couple!
  7. MOST people hang their artwork too high! Your art should be hung at eye-level so that the viewer connects with it on a personal level. A good hanging height is 66” above the floor to the centerline of the piece.
  8. Finally, make sure whatever you put on your walls is something you love – chances are it will be there for a really long time!
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