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Staying Positive in a Negative World

I’ve got a superpower – yes, little ole’ me – a simple business owner from Bethlehem, PA.

No, I don’t have a superhero costume. (Although this time of year I might actually be able to get away with one.) I envision it would be like a knight in shining armor – or, perhaps Captain America’s bullet-proof shield.

My superpower is the POWER OF POSITIVITY. And, if we dig deep inside, all of us can have this super power, too!

A positive attitude affects everyone around us, not just those in our close family circle, but everyone that we have any interaction with on a day-to-day basis. As the world around us – the media – our conversations – our attitudes – get more and more negative, we need to consciously engage in more and more positive habits. Like any other awesome character trait, positivity needs to be cultivated, nurtured and trained.

We need to lift each other up when others around us are consistently negative or can’t seem to find the positive in everyday life – We need to spread positivity everywhere we go! And if you ever felt in your life that little ole’ you can’t make a difference, then please keep reading - these steps are pretty simple (in fact easier than dieting or quitting smoking.) And the best news about the power of positivity is that it’s CONTAGIOUS!

    Every day, before you even start your day, make a list of 5 things that you are grateful for – no matter how small. Having my own private bathroom and indoor plumbing are always on my top 5 Grateful List! (I had this epiphany after volunteering at a local homeless shelter!) Being appreciative of even the small blessings will help make you realize that you are lucky to be alive, able to walk, and have something to eat for breakfast! (Hey, that’s 3 right there!) 

    Yes, there is some scary stuff going on in the world right now – BUT there is so much good, too! The problem is that positive events and stories are not generally covered by the major news outlets. If you look you can find them – news feeds like GOOD NEWS NETWORK: “Man Uses Motorcycle to Rescue 166 abandoned Cows in Nepal.” The accompanying photo is priceless! Or, another one is UPLIFT which recently featured a story about how Taylor Swift helped a young boy with autism get a $10,000 service dog (the dog looks just like our Goldendoodle, Bailey.) These stories are uplifting and reassuring that there are still good things being done every day, regardless of mainstream media’s focus! I subscribe to a daily email that sends me inspirational quotes about my faith. So when I scroll through my in-box each morning – it’s the first one I open to get an inspirational, positive message to start my day!

    Have you noticed the wonderful billboards by Adams Outdoor Advertising around the Lehigh Valley?
    I LOVE these uplifting messages like “You are SIMPLY AWESOME!” They make me smile every time I pass one – and now I am on the lookout for them. Companies that spread and focus on positive messages certainly get my business! (And an A+ for creative marketing!)

    In my role as an interior designer, I am in a somewhat unique position. My clients hire me to help them facilitate a project, so I interact with them – often on a daily basis. At the same time I am their liaison to a wide range of professionals needed to get a part of each project done. So whether I am speaking with a sales rep at one of my fabric suppliers or a truck driver making a delivery, I try to appreciate the need to treat everyone with respect and kindness. The first thing I do when making a phone call is make sure I give a polite greeting and ask each person how they are doing that day. A moment of kindness goes much further in mobilizing people to help you get the job done! Keeping in mind that EVERYONE deserves to be treated with respect – including you – sends positive energy out to everyone! Just because their job is to provide a service doesn’t mean they are a servant!

    Celebrate another person’s success like it was your own! We live in a very competitive world –often too competitive. It makes us compare ourselves with others way too much. Sure, sometimes pure luck puts others ahead of the curve but most often it is a long journey of hard work that often goes unnoticed or forgotten. If someone’s happy Facebook pictures annoy you, try to remember that every person has their own problems. They are just choosing to share the good stuff. Why not use the other funny and uplifting messages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep you positive and make you laugh? Try following groups like POWER OF POSITIVITY or POSITIVE HAPPY SIDE TO THIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE or others that offer you a positive quote, funny pet video or action for the day. Make these positive messages part of your daily news feed!

There are myriad positive messages out in the world – we just need to “see” them, embrace them and use them to make a difference in our attitudes and how we treat each other. That’s my superpower - could it be yours, too!?

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