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10 Simple Ideas to Breathe Life into your Laundry Room

We have all been there, looking at the endless piles of laundry and wonder where does it all end? You spend lots of time in there, so why not make it a room that is not only organized but an inviting space to do the most tedious of tasks, sorting, washing, drying and folding your clothing!

The laundry room might not be tops on your list of areas in your home to spend your decorating dollar, but you can stop ignoring this room with some inexpensive items and organization tools.

Here are 10 ideas to make this important room a showstopper:

1. Paint it! A quick and easy paint job of your choice as an accent wall or just freshen up the whole room. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how a fresh coat of paint can liven up a dull space! If our laundry room tends to get steamy, damp or even wet consider using a paint especially suited for these areas like Benjamin Moore Bath & Spa.

2. Organize. Rather than worry about accents you can liven up your laundry room with the inexpensive perks of storage bins and handy baskets. 

3. Add closed storage. Let’s face it, clutter is everywhere! By adding storage that puts the detergent and cleaners out of site visually simplifies a space so that you will feel like you’ve tackled the tough projects already. Don’t worry about matching your kitchen cabinets - unfinished cabinets painted a bright and fun color will help laundry day seem less like a chore!

4. Shelving is a flexible storage option.  This can be added at a minimal cost and is a really easy weekend task. Choose something that will hold the things you need to clear up space and clutter. Most importantly make sure you install shelving properly – hire a professional if that’s not your forte!

5. Get it off the floor. Hanging some attractive hooks for holding the ironing board, broom, or mop make a big difference in decorative features and the best part of all, it’s a super cheap and easy job. Again, install properly and don’t overload!

6. Consider a lost sock clothes line, bucket, or jar. We all know the black hole of missing that sock match. There is a conspiracy surrounding lost socks I know it! Creating a place for these items with lost soul mates will make it easier to pair them back up when they magically reappear. Here’s how I solved my own missing sock dilemma (see attached photo).

7. Build a laundry sorting system that fits your needs. Laundry can be conquered in record time if it is already pre-sorted. A basket system with labels for laundry colors are a perfect way to stay organized and keep your laundry contained.

8. Upgrade your appliances. Sometimes the efforts of your laundry room are exhausted because of your appliances! By simply stacking your washer and dryer (if it’s a frontload) you can gain valuable floor space. 

9. Make Laundry an Uplifting Experience. Consider raising your washer and dryer to eliminate back strain (this is a great option for my Aging-In-Place clients). Most manufacturers will offer a unit made specifically for their brand. But you can always build your own and gain valuable storage space below.

10. Proper Lighting Sets the Scene. Lighting is even more important in your Laundry Room. Imagine how much easier it would be to match those black or blue socks if you could actually tell the difference. Proper lighting may just even make Laundry Day seem a little less blue!

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