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10 Tips On Creating An Outdoor Oasis This Summer

Summer is the time where we spend our days and evenings outdoors with our friends and family, cooking on the grill, relaxing in front of the fire pit with a glass of wine or a spirited game of horseshoes. However, you like to spend your time in your personal outdoor space here are a few tips for creating a perfect oasis for you and your guests.

  1. Easy access. Make your outdoor space easy to enter and exit with a walk thru pattern that will be helpful to you and your guests. Create a layout that is easy to maneuver, especially if you are anticipating a crowd. If someone wants a refill on their cocktail, you don't want them to have to do Olympic style stunts to get back to the bar.
  2. Allow for several seating options. Most parties and family gatherings include a variety of ages. What may be comfortable for you may not be comfortable to grandma. Allow your guests to have choices. Benches, patio furniture, chairs with cushions, bar stools are all great options. Don't forget a place for the kids to hang out! If you're having a dinner, make sure everyone has a seat round the table. There's no bigger bummer than to arrive for dinner, only to find there is not enough seating for all the guests. Plan appropriately, that's what neighbors are for, borrow some seating, but don't forget to invite them.
  3. Have that one piece or focal point in your design. Outdoor living spaces are not much different from your indoor space. Like your indoor space, providing a focal point or main attraction. You can partner the piece with your additional accents and furnishings.
  4. Fire. A fire pit or fire source for your outdoor space is a big bonus. Summers can be hot, but as the sun goes down, the chill can set in the air. I don't know about you, but there is nothing like curling up by the fire with a blanket, a book, and glass of wine. Note: depending on where you live you may need to inquire about fire codes for your area or township. Make sure if you purchase your fire pit from a reputable dealer, and ensure you educate yourself on all fire safety protocols.
  5. The Details. Outdoor space is all about the details. Statues, water features, and sculptures can bring any space to life. It gives it the architectural detail that is visually appealing. Containers of different colors and textures can add that extra spice to any outdoor space. Plant your seasonal flowers; springtime pansies to your mums in fall.
  6. Privacy. Shrubs and bushes strategically planted can give you much needed privacy. It also gives your space some amazing texture.
  7. Don't forget the walls. Outdoor living space may give you access to the side of your home or additional wall space. Finding some decor that you can hang to pull the space together will make the area a standout. I like signs, but there are lots of options for outdoor art.
  8. Indoor connection. If you're designing your space from scratch and have just started to build a new patio or deck, take into consideration the accessibility to your indoor space. Outdoor space should be a place to relax and decompress. Adding outdoor space off of a master bedroom or living room is a great option.
  9. Color. Don't forget to incorporate splashes of color. This can be done with pillows or cushions. Even an outdoor umbrella with a fun color or pattern can liven up your space.
  10. Storage. When picking furnishings, you may want to consider storage when making a decision. Having extra storage, located within your area is a plus. A good place to keep those necessities you may need at any time, such as pruning shears or your bug spray.

We would love to know what you're doing for your outdoor space. Any tips or ideas that you have implemented to make your outdoor space an oasis for you and your family?

Carrie Oesmann