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October is Kitchen and Bath Month

You read that correctly, October is the official Kitchen and Bath month. The two rooms that are essential to the civilized world. So let's celebrate these spaces with upgrades that range from simple to savvy and make these bastions of serenity a little more fabulous.

For the Kitchen:

Add some color: swap out those old countertop appliances with some colorful and fun new ones. Toasters, blenders and K-Cup coffee machines now come in every shade of the rainbow.
Let there be light! Good lighting makes spaces seem bigger. Try swapping out your old recessed cans for new retrofit LED options. An inexpensive upgrade that will also save you money for years to come.

Get a grip! Replace traditional knobs and handles with sleek designs which can add a modern flair and style.

Who needs doors? Remove a few cabinet doors to display all your pretty's and collections.
Pantry Pleasing: Make food storage trendy and convenient by using numbered bins or baskets. Fill one bin with dry goods for baking, so you can easily whip up a cake or biscuits.

For the Bath:

Ahoy Mates: A nautical theme is always a great idea for the bathroom. Beachy details like bright sea foam green towels and replacing fixtures with chrome will give the space a sleek shorefront feel.

Mirror, mirror... Add some drama to a bland plate glass mirror by adding decorative molding around the perimeter. Paint the trim a bright accent color or a metallic finish for a little bling.
It's curtains: Change up your shower curtain. Nothing tells your guests about your personality than the choice of a fun shower curtain.

Silence is golden! You don't have to live with noisy exhaust fans when technology gives us solutions that offer better results without the noise.

Just making a few changes can make your space feel fresh and updated. Have fun with these rooms as you are likely to spend much of your time in them to relax, create or while you tiptoe in for a late night snack.

Carrie Oesmann